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What was left!

This is the tiny leftover ball of ombre fingering yarn that makes up one of 2 strands of the multicolor row in Blanket 2.

Edited-tiny-leftover-2013Jan13 002



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It is definite that both my amaryllis bulbs will have two stalks, which is fabulous.  The taller plant in the photo below is called Red Lion and came from Sam’s Club.  I started it in early December, around the 8th.  It should have solid red blooms.  The second, shorter plant is called Minerva, and was a Christmas gift from my dear brother and sister-in-law.  Minerva is a much bigger bulb than Red Lion, but both are larger than any bulbs I have saved from years past.

Edited-amaryllis-2013Jan8 003

The blooms are still several weeks away.  After these have bloomed I will start some caladium bulbs, to give some of those plants a kick start for the summer.

There is another WIP in the basket, which is more boyish than BB#1.  I don’t think there will be any 2 in this series alike, because it is too much fun to goof around with color combinations.  Hm.  Maybe the white-balance feature gave this photo too much of a blue cast.

Edited-BB2wip-2013Jan8 002

Today is John’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!  I lit a couple of candles at church tonight, and one was for you.

I will have a story for you tomorrow about Verizon and Comcast.  I hope it ends happily for them.  Ciao!


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Baby Blanket #1

This is the first Finished Object of the year, Number 1 in the Baby Blanket series.  Since this one is for a girl, it is pink and white with a varigated row that includes pastel blue, green, yellow and pink.

Baby Blanket 1

This blanket meets the approval of Odin, who was kind enough to rouse himself from his 8th nap of the day to sit on it.

Odin approves.

Odin approves.

Blanket # 2 was started on Saturday afternoon.

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2 WIPs

This was started Christmas Day. It is about 80% complete:

2012December30 002

Another WIP, almost to the block assembly stage:

2012December30 006

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