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2 WIPs

This was started Christmas Day. It is about 80% complete:

2012December30 002

Another WIP, almost to the block assembly stage:

2012December30 006


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It is not snowing yet

Wednesday night I planted a second amaryllis bulb which was a Christmas gift from Gary and Cindy.  The first one planted went in around December 10th and is supposed to be a solid red, called something like Red Lion.  The bulb from Gary and Cindy is larger and is supposed to have red margins and a white throat, something like the one Mom had blooming in November:

Mom's amaryllis from November 2012

Mom’s amaryllis from November 2012

The splendid thing about Mom’s bulb was that the stalks were only 12 to 14 inches long, making for a much less tippy plant than the usual one with flower stalks over 15 inches.  It will take 6 to 8 weeks to bloom.  As soon as the first blooms start, it will be time to plant some caladium bulbs, which will provide additional color in the late winter and will be ready to set out in the beds once the ground is warm.

As a test, I am adding 2 other photos.  The first is of the baby blanket stash.  I think it will produce 4 or 5 baby blankets in the the 38 to 45 inch square size range.

Baby blanket stash - 12/2012

Baby blanket stash – 12/2012

I am using the pink at the top of this pile, the multicolor just to the righ and below it, and the white for the current blanket-in-progress, which is 24 inches square to night.

Just before Christmas Eve, I finished one of the ruffle scarves made with a net yarn.  This yarn is called Starbella, and this scarf made up very quickly out of a yarn called Starbella.

Edited Starbella scarf 2012December 037









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Baby blankets - a series apparently

This, it turns out, is the first of a series of baby blankets. This one is for Nicholas, given on the occasion of his baptism. Nicholas is the second grandson of my friends Rocio and Rateb. This blanket was crocheted in a ridged shell pattern.

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First Cricut project:  Kathy’s Retirement card

My friend Kathy is retiring to move with her husband to Wyoming and build her dream house. Kathy has worked at our company for 17 years, and we’ve been on the same floor of the same building for years, working in part on the same project.
This is the card I gave her at her retirement party. It is the first project I attempted with the Cricut Expression machine. The machine comes with limited documentation, and also doesn’t come with a cable to hook it up to your computer. If you do hook it up, it updates some software in the cutter, and also you get access to some on-line “design” software called the Craftroom, which is a little rough, but is useful.
For this card, I used some available shapes and a font cartridge. I had some difficulty sizing the border shapes, and I didn’t quite get the shadow of the text correct. There must be some trick to making a shadow for a phrase you build out of individual letters that you have welded together. Welding the letters into a group is hand-done and difficult to control. It’s a little embarrassing to show this card because it is really rough, but please consider it a baseline.

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