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I am somewhat behind on documenting what’s blooming. The poppies bloomed early (as has everything else) and plentifully, perhaps three times as many blooms as last year. Some passerby stole the first one, but there were many more to come.

This photo is a self-conscious mimic of the style of Georgia O’Keefe, but poppies just want to have close-ups. Each one draws you in.

Each month, I think this month I will get the details under control and have a little ‘extra’ time – to work on the quilts, the knitting, language study, writing. May turned out to be the month Odin was diagnosed with diabetes, and needs shots twice a day, putting an extra kink in my schedule. It has made me think it’s delusional to expect to get caught up without making some reasonable choices to narrow my commitments and expectations.

That is to say, a tighter schedule more carefully laid out in one’s planner is not the way to a more peaceful life.


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