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I had cataract surgery on April 11, and am not allowed to read very much until Monday.  I will begin posting entries again then.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover.


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Early Easter - early blossoms

In other years, Easter has been later, and so have the cherry blossoms on Charles Road., In fact, in ‘normal’ years, the cherries blossom on Charles about a month after the famous WDS cherry trees blossom the Tidal Basin. Due to the early Spring, we have passed peak on Charles already, but I have just come up for air from all the Easter liturgies today to take some photos.

Blessings on you all.

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The Trees Are in Bloom

Spring 2012 is early and in quite a hurry to get on with it. Pollen is thick, flowers are bursting, birds are riotous, bees are polinating. Nature is a vast carpet of intense, even frantic, sexuality.

In another month, the valence of the intensity will change, and new life will struggle tenaciously for survival, fiercely competing for resources and attention – or, in the case of, for example, dandelions, inattenion.

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