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So Far in November

First, there was the general election, and I have no photos to show for that.  I worked as the temporary precinct chair for 04-15, while supporting and collecting information from 4 other precincts.  There was a Republican table at 04-15, but not at my other sites.  Greg, the Republican, identifies himself as a Tea Party supporter.  Everyone wonders what the means when the rubber meets the road.  Greg told me he didn’t support ballot question A, that would have the county rescue ambulances pass their fees on to insurance companies (and to Medicare and Medicaid.)  “That is something I think the government should pay for,” he told me.  Is there consistency in the Tea Party positions?  We’ll keep looking. 

Same week, I volunteered at the Holyland Christian Ecumenical Foundation’s international conference.  The Foundation’s purpose is to alleviate the suffering of the indigenous Christians the Holyland, and to help them continue to live there.  We call them the Living Stones.  The kids have a difficult time getting an education;  the unemployment rate is extraordinary; and many indigenous Christians have left, but elders without resources and family are left behind.  It is a difficult situation for these people, who are caught in a war-zone not of their making.

On Friday, I worked at the registration desk at the JPII Cultural Center (the location of the presentations and discussions) and in then later helped with banquet registration and the assembly of the goodie bags. 

Here is the conference registration desk.

The Foundation is working to encourage economic development.  A traditional product of the region is olive oil.  This is a particularly fine brand. 

Stan and Nate are working on my fence at the end of the driveway, and constructing a compost bin system for me. 

Gradually the materials are being emptied from the work shed, and I will be able to repurpose the space.  There are lots of materials John collected for various projects.  I have felt guilty about them, frustrated by them, obligated by them.  Now, I am trying to let them go.

Today’s gratuitous photo of pretty leaves, taken from my little deck.


 Of course the pretty leaves needed raking this weekend.  That is probably why my knee is achy this evening.


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It was a dark night.  It was just a little cool.  No wind, no rain, not a flake of snow to ruin the kids’ fun evening.  Since this Halloween was a weekend night and there would be no school on Monday, the first Trick or Treater arrived a bit later than usual – at 6:37PM, well after sunset.  I had neither camera nor Unicef money ready, but the treats were ready, for a tiny guy carried by his Mom (a lovely witch in a mini skirt) and Dad (in a Viking helmet.)

At about 10 ,minutes to 7, the we saw – Mario!  A Ninja! And several other super heroes/heroines.

Then the Bee and the Alien visited.

One was caught without his mask.

A waif with great makeup:

Poignantly scary – or scarily poignant?

This chap was seriously happy, if the toothy grin is any evidence!

This child has the most beautiful, genuine smile – her little sister is the Transformer in the corner.  I guess it was her little brother – oops!

These two lovely girls are about to become stars in a new horror movie –look who is coming up behind them!

Here are two more insects – another bee accompanied by a ladybug.  The lighted arch in the background of the photos is the arbor over the sidewalk, lit by 6 100-light strings of LEDs.  (So, yes, getting ready for Christmas, too.)

Altogether, 198 children (some very tall) came to Trick or Treat this year.  The first, as mentioned above, arrived at 6:37PM.  The last 2 lads (old enough to shave) knocked at the door at 9:50 PM.  The treats this year were Halloween pin-back buttons, small tubs of Play-Doh, and a small candy.  I am pleased to report that no pumpkins were injured during this project – here are the Halloween lanterns in the bay window.

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