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Done, Blooming, Gone

Some things to note.

Here is a finished craft project, finally.  These are 10 beanbags for the neighborhood’s (and Boy Scout’s) beanbag game.  They are mainly made of denim scraps, and stuffed with extremely dry beans.  Three of them (the striped ones) are slightly smaller, for littler kids.  I’ve turned them over to Greg and Carol, the keepers of the beanbag board.  So, this is also a de-stashing and decluttering.  Done, done and done.

The Asian lilies are starting to bloom.  These pink ones are the first to open.  There are dozens of buds ready to open over the next week.  I think the next step for the front yard is going to be to cut down the blueberry bushes.  Because of the county tree in the boulevard, the blueberries no longer get enough sun to fruit, and they are too leggy to be a decent hedge.  It is time.

It is time this year to make a lot of changes.  A nice man named Dave has bought the utility trailer, and that is gone.  The trailer was built by my Dad, and driven from Minnesota to Connecticut filled with Gary’s stuff.  John and I drove it from CT to Maryland.  John sure was happy to have his own utility trailer.  We hauled lumber, trash, mulch and many things in it.  I am glad Dave will be able to use it.  I wasn’t horribly sad to see it go, because I can’t use it. 

I have mulched under the linden tree in the boulevard, because the roots are jumping out of the ground, and I can’t mow in that area.  It is a rectangle, which is not a natural look, and I am not sure how I should fix that.  The mulch has landscape fabric beneath it to block weeds.

Both the grape tomato plant and the cherry tomato plant have green fruits.  Once you see those little green tomatoes, it is really difficult to wait for them to ripen.  The grape tomato is clearly indeterminate.  It’s going to require ties and maybe some supplementary staking.  The cherry tomato plant is called Husker, with a bush shape that is similar to Celebrity,  very compact and hefty, but less than half the height of the grape variety. 

And the snap peas that were all leaves and not a flower in sight a few weeks ago are teeming with tiny pods.


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