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Off to Colorado

During the Blog Silence, there were things that were missed:





Grandma Emily’s cactus bloomed – just to blossoms here in this urban forest.  I captured this one in a photo.  The blooms last only a day, and some days I don’t get home during daylight.

I recycled 9 cartons of punch cards from the basement.  One day I will write an essay on punch card technology, and punch card management skills.  These were valuable skills back in the day.  Useless skills now. 

I will be in Colorado for 9 days, on a Thanksgiving holiday with my family.  The Soprano will say in Maryland, because she has too few days off from college classes. She and Odin will stay in Maryland. 

Odin has a new window ledge (because I also recycled a  printer and decluttered.)  He also has a new bed (I’ll blog it later). Right now he is very hungry and begging for treats. 

Tomorrow I will leave the house at 5:45AM, so I need to finish the last 5% of my packing.  More blogs from the road.  Ciao.


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