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Finished and Finished

Although slightly impaired by a major episode of stomach virus, last weekend I finished the taxes.  These will be John’s last taxes.  I thought it might be more complicated, but it wasn’t — or there’s always the case that I don’t know what I am doing and did them wrong.  I wouldn’t put it past me.


I also finished the third pair of fingerless mitts for my Colorado guys!  (Included in this photo are the finished pair of very toasty silk and wool ladies mitts, making 4 pairs total.)  Well!  I am moving on.  Probably to a hat.  Why not?  Or perhaps I should be thinking Spring – a cotton sweater?  (Apart from the fact that I have never knit a sweater that fit me, it is an appealing idea.)


My next big rock is the medical paperwork, and that’s more than half done.  After that, some banking issues, and then I need to sell a van.  That’s me for Lent.  Grief and paperwork.


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Knitting after Taxes

Yesterday I was at Costco – the second time in a week (and on a weekend, no less), and I found out where they were hiding the Turbo Tax software!  Bless their hearts, the apparently don’t want to sell it.  It is hidden in the middle of some clothing and stuff.  But since it was $10 cheaper than at Staples, I bought my copy.  Most years, our taxes got done in April.  Some years they got done April 14.  I remember driving with John to the Post Office in Minneapolis one April 15th.  After we were married, I took over doing our taxes, first in Canada and then back in the US. 

John had a block about bill paying and tax paying, so he didn’t mind at all my doing it.  Well, there’s not much pleasure in it, is there.  I have intense gratitude when I reach the end of a month with a positive balance.  We were lucky in past years to usually receive a refund, and the reward for completing the taxes was the pleasure of telling John how much the refund would be. 

Breaking all personal-best records, I loaded the tax software tonight (it’s February for crying out loud, what am I doing?) and started entering data.  Last year, John had been dead a few weeks when I did the taxes for 2007.  He was not dead in the eyes of the IRS, and even wanted him to sign his form.  This year I need to declare him dead to the IRS.  This year, there will be many new wrinkles, not to mention glitches and stumbling blocks.  I doubt that it is reasonable to take a vow to be knit-free until taxes are done.  But there will certainly be a knitting reward once they are finished and filed.

I’m thinking something that’s very fine and alpaca, but I’m open to suggestions.

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Library at Yale

The Sterling Library at Yale is a stunning building.  I promised photos in my long ago last post.  The building is large, but the spaces within are intimate, dramatic, challenging.


It’s a door, yes, but a door with so much drama.  Modern architecture, sleek, stern, rigid, unadorned, would have us think of this door as perhaps a bit overwrought.   A drama queen of a door.  A door filled with importance, self-importance. 


A ceiling detail – the “rosette” in the middle is of a dog-handler.  The bones of the structure are beautiful, and then they are clothed in golden paints and jewel tones and gargoyle-like bits.


Why was this building designed in the likeness of a church?  This window formerly was to the outside, now looks into the music library (which is about as amazing a money can buy.) 


Just one more detail, from the painted, stained glass windows.

January was pretty busy.  Miss N arrived on January 21, and has started classes at the local College (not Yale, but it has a darned fine music program.)  We’ve had a good time getting settled in.  Having a housemate changed my cooking habits — a single person can cook well balanced meals, but they might be a bit strange.  A couple weekends ago we made meatball lasagna:


We’ve had people over for dinner or coffee (including having a house meeting on the Economic Recovery Plan) nearly every weekend except this one.   Valentine’s Day — I had planned not to spend alone.  It was one of John’s favorite holidays.  He always got me great cards.  I cantored for a Mass with the Spirit Choir in the evening, but the rest of my evening plans fell through.  Busy-ness has been identified by my family and friends as by defence against grief.  Is it a problem?  I don’t know.


My little avatar and buddy Odin has been sick.  He got a UTI and was straining to urinate.  He had to take antibiotics for more than two weeks, and has to have a different diet since he’s got struvite crystals in his bladder.   He had to go to the animal hospital emergency room twice and to the vet twice, and he’s really fierce and uncooperative.  (Yes, he looks sweet, but that’s an act and an half .  Giving kitties antibiotics – pills or liquid – is an ordeal for everyone.  We are both glad we are finished with it. 


Tonight, Odin claimed one of the grocery bags.  Woe unto you if you put your hand into “my” grocery bag!!!

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